Poison Oak Honey

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tika25: I'm ready for a wild swarm in Cedar Mill area. Anyone know of one nearby? Portland or Beaverton is OK, as well. Thanks! Apr 30, 2014 14:34:10 GMT -7 *
khalen: Check out http://facebook.com/groups/WestCoastBeekeepers A lot of members in the group share swarm calls. May 6, 2014 14:56:37 GMT -7
HarryVanderpool: Check out www.wrbo.org May 25, 2014 13:49:04 GMT -7
HarryVanderpool: Great promo by Dave Hackenburg: http://www.weather.com/video/weather-really-matters-to-bees-49164?collid=/news/staff-picks May 29, 2014 15:40:31 GMT -7
ChadB: Hello,[br] My name is Chad and i'm 30 and live in the santa clara area. I'm new to beekeeping. I have some books and have watched a bunch of you tube. I have come to the conclusion that i am going to make this my profession to take care of my soon to be f Jul 29, 2014 16:18:08 GMT -7
Lovetta D, : I have six buckets of organic windfall plums which are turning to soup. Would anyone like to feed it to their bees? Here in my yard the honeybees are after it as well as the yellowjackets. I would rather feed bees with it than take it to NW Greenlands. Oct 1, 2014 8:33:38 GMT -7
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